Choose your plan

Choose a plan of 1, 2, or 3 and get higher earning.

Plan 1 (Platinum)
Hold 50000 - 1M USDs

Earn Up to 24% per year

Plan 2 (Gold)
Hold 5001 - 49999 USDs

Earn Up to 20% per year.

Plan 3 (Silver)
Hold 10 - 5000 USDs

Earn Up to 17% per year

Earn On Your Terms

Flex Terms & Fixed Terms. Every USDs is backed 1:1 by deposited USDC.

No Lock-up

Your assets are free to trade, sell or send at any time.

Daily Payments

You’re paid automatically every day with instant access to your earning.

Higher Rates

Take a big step towards your financial goals with our maximum rates.

Choose plan

Choose a plan of 1, 2, or 3 and get higher earning.

How to Start Earning on Crypto

Create a Stellar Wallet, Add Assets, Buy & Hold Assets to Start Earning.

  • Create a Stellar Wallet.
  • Add trustline to USDs at domain : Token code : USDs Issuer Account ID : GCXHRMKFQU5JNPIMRJ27IL5VDM2VBN7Q74FNXEAR2ZJ7ZYZ5J6XE2KLU
  • Buy USDs on SDEX with pair USDs/USDC.
  • Hold USDs on your Stellar wallet to start earning daily.

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